Mag-ography : 1997 to 2001

The following list is a run through of magazines (and a handful of newspapers) that have featured important or exclusive Sophie features and pictures. In most cases, the photos were taken exclusively for the mags concerned. Some are major fashion shoots or interviews, others are fashion features complete with photos that are believed to have been taken exclusively for the article. There are a couple of known omissions, where I have the pictures, but not the issue details. These will be included when possible.
The list does not include mags where Sophie appeared on the cover - these are listed elsewhere on the site and have been omitted for space reasons. Also, there are a handful of other interesting mags that have also been mentioned elsewhere on the site, such as "American Photo" and "Russian Vogue", and are not included here. The list does not include every magazine appearance - many mags will use 'old' pictures for features that have been bought from photo agencies, and have a tendency to resurface again and again. A reasonably in depth list of these can be found separately on the "Pic-ography" pages.
In other words, if you see any of these in your local charity shop, have a quick look. Some of these pictures have been scanned and are on the net, some have been reprinted elsewhere (often in inferior form), but for others, there will be pictures you have never seen before.

"Vogue Italia" - early 1997. Date to be confirmed. (ABOVE)
"Vanity Fair" - March 1997. (BELOW)

"ID" - March 1997. Picture also in "Smile ID" book. Also appeared in Spanish copy of "GQ" from December 1999, although superior version was printed in "Sky" from May 1997. Originally shot for "Visionaire". The April issue of "ID" that followed featured a small reprint of the article, accompanied by letters from readers praising the photo.
"Now" - 6th March 1997. 2 page feature.
"Looks" - April 1997. (BELOW)

"Elle" - May 1997. This and the "Looks" pictures licensed for use from external source, so may appear elsewhere.

"Deutsch Vogue" - May 1997. German. (ABOVE)
"Elle Top Model" - May 1997. Various language versions exist, including UK, French and German editions.
"Esquire" - June 1997. (BELOW)

"Life The Observer Magazine" - 8th June 1997. Photo shoot also featured in "Cleo" magazine from Australia, dated September 1997. (BELOW)

"Cheap Date" - Issue 1 1997. (ABOVE)

"GQ" - July 1997. (ABOVE)
"Marie Claire (German Edition)" - August 1997.

"The Face" - August 1997. (ABOVE)
"Sky" - October 1997. (BELOW)

"ID" - November 1997.(BELOW)

"Esquire" - December 1997. Includes free 1998 Calendar, with Sophie picture for November. Sophie does not feature in actual magazine. (ABOVE)
"Elle" - December 1997. Picture has resurfaced several times since, including the December 2000 issue of "Biography", in a feature about 'Biography's 50 Favourites". (BELOW)

"Vogue Nippon" - June 1998. Japanese.
"Hello" - 7th November 1998. (BELOW)

"Elle" - December 1998. (BELOW)

"Now" - 10th December 1998. "Sophie Dahl's Passions" feature plus one other photo elsewhere in mag.
"Cheap Date (New York edition)" - Issue 1 1999. American. Sophie picture and self-penned article.
"Hello" - 30th March 1999. (BELOW)

"Elle" - May 1999. One picture reprinted in December 2004 edition of "Company". (BELOW)

"NW" - 24th May 1999. Australian. Mostly 'Paparazzi' pictures, but some pictures believed to be shot specifically for interview feature.

"Vogue Australia" - July 1999. Australian.
"Life The Observer Magazine" - 5th September 1999. (BELOW)

"Harpers & Queen" - October 1999.

"Marie Claire" - October 1999. (ABOVE)

"The Times" - 3rd November 1999. UK Newspaper. (ABOVE)
"W" - March 2000. American. (BELOW)

"Jane" - April 2000. American. (BELOW)

"Select" - April 2000. Pull out poster of Sophie on the set of the Primal Scream promo, "Swastika Eyes".

"New York" - 3rd April 2000. American. (ABOVE)
"Harpers Bazaar" - August 2000. American. (BELOW)

"Marie Claire (American Edition)" - August 2000. (BELOW)

"Vogue Italia" - August 2000. Italian. (ABOVE)
"Harpers Bazaar" - September 2000. American. Two different features. One with non-exclusive pix, the other a fashion shoot. Superior version of latter picture available elsewhere - see below. (BELOW)

"Vogue Unique" - September 2000. Italian, supplement given free with "Vogue Italia". 2 different shoots. (BELOW)

"The Fashion" - Autumn/Winter 2000. (BELOW)

"Vanity Fair" - September 2000. (BELOW)

"V" - Fall 2000.
"Harpers Bazaar Australia" - November 2000. Picture from US version of September 2000 mag as detailed above, much smaller, but without text across middle of photo.

"Vogue" - November 2000. (ABOVE). Originals included free fashion supplement, Sophie also features in this.
"Vogue Italia" - November 2000. Italian. 'Women NYC' feature, one picture shown on this site has reappeared since, the second believed to remain exclusive to this mag.

"Elle" - November 2000. Pictures also appeared in slightly different form in an issue of "Elle Canada", believed to be the September 2001 issue. (ABOVE)
"Mode" - December 2000. At least one photo believed to be exclusive, or at least rare.

"Viva" - 18th December 2000. (ABOVE)

"Marie Claire (American Edition)" - January 2001. (ABOVE)

"FHM (French Edition)" - January 2001. Picture is rare but is believed to have been published previously. (ABOVE)
"Numero" - Issue 23. French. (BELOW). 3 Pictures in mag, all are here:

"Rebel" - Issue 1. 2001. French.
"Vogue Italia" - February 2001. Italian. (BELOW)

"Nylon" - February 2001. American. Sophie definitely in this mag, but some query over whether the photo(s) are exclusive or not. Shoot below is believed to be from this mag.

"New York Times Magazine" - 4th February 2001. American. (ABOVE)
"V" - Spring 2001.

"Numero Homme" - Spring/Summer 2001. French. (ABOVE)
"Australian Womens Weekly" - May 2001. Australian. Sophie feature, rare but not exclusive picture.
"Arena" - July 2001. Picture from November 2000 "Vogue Italia", plus short interview.
"Vogue Nippon" - August 2001. Japanese. (BELOW)

"Elle (American Edition)" - September 2001. (BELOW)

"ID" - September 2001. Smaller re-print of picture appeared in October 2001 issue. (ABOVE)
"Daily Telegraph" - 25th October 2001. Camera Press own copyright to photo, and several small picturs from this shoot are here:
"Vogue (American Edition)" - November 2001. Sophie as "Debbie Harry", but cropped. See other Mag-ography listing. One other Sophie 'paparazzi' pic in mag. Article also reprinted in "Vogue Australia" in February 2002. (BELOW)

"Harpers Bazaar" - December 2001. American. Photoshoot reprinted in part when Sophie appeared on cover of the "Telegraph" magazine in 2005.