Sophie-ography Home Page 3!

As you might be able to deduce, the third part of the Sophie-ography, with both photos and info new and old.

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The Gallery 2

More shots of the Queen of Great Missenden...

Sophie at the Anglomania gala in the US, 2006.
Sophie at the "V Day" performance of the "Vagina Monologues", Feb '99.
Another golden oldie, this one dates from something somewhere circa 1997.
Sophie in 2001 at the Toby Young "How To Lose Friends..." book launch.
Sophie and future hubby make their escape in a taxi from The Roundhouse in Camden, after an "Electric Proms" show, 26th October 2007.
Sophie modelling for Gaultier, early 2001. Images from this show are quite well known, and have appeared in numerous publications since, including an article about Soph that appeared in the "Sunday Mirror" on 10th June 2001.
The "Loaded Hot 100" supplement circa 2001, in which Sophie made it to number 61.
One of the "Seven Deadly Sins" photos from "Elle" magazine.
Sophie is in this - a New Zealand copy of "Womans Day", dated 4th March 2002.
A picture from one of the "Red" magazine shoots.
Another New Zealand magazine featuring Soph, this time "Womans Weekly" from 21st October '02.
Sophie appeared on Irish Telly on 3rd November 2007, this is a still from the RTE "Tubridy Tonight" show.
This mag featuring Sophie comes from Italy, "Chi", dated 12th December 2007.
"Fantastic Mr Fox" afterparty, 2009.

Mag-ography 4: April 2012 and beyond

More of Sophie's rare and exclusive magazine photos, starting from the beginning of the 2012/13 financial year!

"Harpers Bazaar". May 2012.
"Grazia". 3rd December 2012.
"Harpers Bazaar". April 2013.
"Stella". 7th April 2013. "Brora" feature.
"Harpers Bazaar". May 2013. "Brora" feature and unrelated Sophie-penned article.
"The Eighty Eight". October 2013. Issue 1 of this Jamie Cullum helmed mail order/sold-at-gigs magazine, which includes a Sophie written article and recipe. No photos, although an article about presents Cullum receives from fans shows a drawing of him and Sophie sent to him by one such follower.
"The Eighty Eight". July 2015, although copies not shipped until August. Issue 2. Sophie contributes a story called "California 1967". Some copies signed by Jamie Cullum. This image is of the box-set edition, which came with various free gifts, including a bag of Coffee Beans, a scented candle and a drawing book.
"Vogue". January 2016. Sophie penned article with (old) photos.
"Vogue". July 2016. This photo was featured in a Boodles advert which was published in this edition of the magazine - probably not exclusive but believed to be one of the first publications to run the ad. Sophie had been a "Boodles Model" for some years at this point, and summer '16 saw the launch of a "new" campaign, which Sophie described on her Twitter feed on 14.7.16 as 'the collection named for me', officially listed by Boodles on their Twitter as the "Sophie Collection", citing it as being inspired by 'the model herself'. Sophie launched this latest run of pictures with a cocktail party in London some weeks earlier, see the Diary Pages.
"Vogue". June 2017. Sophie, by now a 'contributing editor' for this magazine, pens a story. No contemporary photos.

Sophie's Books 3

As the title suggests, more of Miss Dahl's delights.

Onder Volwassenen
Bruna BV Eigen Uitgaven ISBN: 9049999158

[This Dutch title, when translated, reveals itself to be "Playing With The Grown Ups". The above image was used on a dutch website which featured an interview with Sophie when the book first appeared in the Netherlands in October 2007. A 2008 reissue exists, ISBN 9049998674, seemingly published by a company called Carry Slee. Image here:
Trawling the internet, I found this photo:
Not entirely sure what this is, other than it is another Dutch edition! Feel free to email if you can provide more info.]

Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights

[bonus photo time. This image was used on the web when Sophie's first cookbook was being offered for pre-sales, but AFAIK, this cover was never used on any worldwide edition. And yet, it was still possible - in 2012 - to see this image still being used by some, especially people selling copies on eBay.]