Sophie-ography Home Page 2!

This is the home page of the second part of the "Sophie-ography". Look to your right, and you will see various pages, detailing newspaper appearances, magazine appearances, and plenty of other bits and bobs, which roughly cover a period post-2010. As you can see, many of them are "continuations" of pages started in the first part.

2010, vaguely, was the point at which Sophie stopped modelling for proper, had a baby, and fully embraced writing and cooking instead. But that doesn't mean another "Vogue" shoot is ever likely to be out of the question!

As mentioned elsewhere, pre-2010 stuff is mostly to be found by clicking the "2008" button, and the Ad campaigns, Magazine covers, and Diary pages (most of which cover both pre AND post 2010), can be found by clicking the "2009" button. More photos and info can also be found by clicking on any buttons that show a post-2012 date. Enjoy!

The Gallery

This page will be used as a bit of an "overflow" from some of the other pages in the "Sophie-ography" or "The Diary". Blogger is a bit of a pain when it comes to amending already published pages, so I thought I would add any extra pictures here instead. I will also use it to publish extra pictures that I happen to like, for events already represented "visually" on those pages. There are 50+ images here, and it might get a bit bigger in future.

I would imagine most shots will come from the 1996-2011 period, as anything after that date will slot quite easily into the "Mag-ography" pages etc, such as the doodle above which was done for "National Doodle Day" in early 2011. Note that this page continues into a second part, which you can access by clicking on the "2012" button. The choices across these pages will probably be a bit random, but that will add to the fun!

Sophie modelling at Milan Fashion Week, for the "Dolce & Gabanna" Men's Collection, September 2002.

Sophie's Breast Cancer Awareness photocall outside the Rigby & Peller store, Central London, 10th June 1997.

One of the "" adverts, 2007.

Photoshoot, 1997.

The first time I ever saw Sophie in the flesh, this is the webmaster's own photo of Miss Dahl arriving at the "Scream" premiere, at the Chelsea Cinema London, on 24th April 1997.

Outtake from the "Arena" covershoot, 2006.

Sophie stops to sign autographs outside the Park Lane Hotel, London, 27th February 1998. This slightly out-of-focus photo was taken by the Webmaster at the Empire Movie Awards.

David Croland photoshoot, 2000.

Sophie arrives at the National TV Awards in London, captured on film by the Webmaster at The Royal Albert Hall, 7th October 1997.

Sophie at the Kriza shop opening, Mayfair, London, 9th July 1998.

The Webmaster's own shot of Sophie with Yasmin Le Bon, leaving the "Good Will Hunting" premiere, Curzon West End, London, March 1998.

Sophie at The Met Bar, London, August 1997.

The Webmaster meets Sophie outside The Metropolitan Hotel on 20th March 1998, London. Photographed by Dave Conway, Sophie's then boyfriend seems to be giving me the evils!

One of my favourite photos ever, from "Vogue", May 2002.

The Webmaster, looking rather worse for wear after a day in the rain, meets Sophie outside The Arts Theatre, after a "Vagina Monologues" performance, Friday 26th October 2001.

Another astonishing photo, this time from "Elle", August 2001.

Another photo at The Arts Theatre in London, this time following a "Monolgues" show on Monday 29th October 2001, taken by the Webmaster.

Sophie at The Met Bar - again - this time on October 23rd 1998. My wife's birthday, BTW.

Sophie does Italian Vogue, Feb 2000.

Modelling for Agent Provocateur, The Sancutary in London, 6/5/97.

13th March 2008, Sophie attends the "Feast Of Albion" do in London.

One of the H&M photos from Sophie's first shoot for the company, 1997.

Sophie's first celebrity engagement? At the London premiere of "Matilda", December 96.

The invite to Sophie's 21st, London 1998.

Another "Arena" shot from 2006, this time one of the photo's that made the magazine, dated January 2007.

Soph at the Plum Sykes & Lucy Sykes party, NYC, December 1999.

Photo from "ES" magazine, 8th August 1997, of Sophie at the Vespa Party.

Another photo from 1997.

Partying with Annabelle Rothschild, at the Sally Greene Xmas Party, 2001.

One of the Accessorize photos, 2004.

Sophie dares to bare at the Costume Institute Gala, New York, 2005.

Photoshoot, 2003.

Sophie hits the catwalk at the Godolphin & Latymer school fashion show, March 98.

One of the "Radio Times" photos from 2010 to tie in wth the "Delicious" TV show.

The "Keep A Child Alive" benefit, New York City, November 15th 2006.

More catwalk strutting, this time for Lane Bryant, 4th August 98.

Sophie and hubby at the Raisa Gorbachev Gala Dinner, down at Hampton Court on 6.6.2009.

Sophie does a reading at Willesden, during the "Dancing Eyes" promo tour, March 2003.

At another one of those "Harry Potter" premieres, this time from 2007.

"American Vogue" photoshoot, fall 2002.

A pair of Sophie's shoes, plus signed photo - part of an auction house item from late 2010.

One more of the Patrick Demarchelier photos for Numero Magazine, May 2001.

Sophie and Griffin Dunne, circa May 2000, USA.

And another one. This one is from the "Quills" film premiere party, Light, New York. Date is apparently 18th October 2000, but this clashes with Sophie's appearance at the "Girls" party, so your guess is as good as mine!

Accepting the Readathon cheque, presented by Quentin Blake, December 2001.

March 2000, Sophie attends an Oscars party in LA with Griffin Dunne.

Sophie and Pink on the front row of the Miss Sixty catwalk show, New York, 1st Feb 2007.

Sophie and her high heels arrive at Waterloo International for the ARK fundraiser, May 2010.

VH1 Awards, 2000.

Photo from the shoot that was later used in the May 2003 edition of "Harpers & Queen".

A couple of early-21st Century shots that later appeared in issue 10 of "Lid" magazine.

Sophie at the GQ Awards, 2011.

Patrick Cox advert, photographed late 2002.

"Fashion Rocks", 2004.

Sophie at the Halloween Misfits party, 2005.

Modelling for Matthew Williamson, Feb 2001.

Versace Jeans advert. One of three Sophie photos used for this campaign, all are scattered around this very website somewhere!

Cartier Santos Night Gala, 7th April 2004.

8th Annual National Arts Awards Gala, 11th November 2003.

Sophie at the after-party for the premiere of "I'm Not Scared".

Sophie models for Lainey Keogh, 1997.

ARK Gala Dinner, Summer '11.

Another shot from the Spring 1998 catwalk shows, London, 1997.

Another Met Bar shot, Summer 1997.

One of the Newbridge Silverware shots, 2007.

Sophie at the "Black Orchid" launch.

"The Golden Age of Couture" Gala, London 2007.

Sophie attends a preview of the Anthony James Milk Gallery show, 450 West 15th Street, New York, Feb 2007.

Sophie at the Xmas 2011 Selfridges book signing, London.

Sophie and Annie Morris, fall 2011.

Roald Dahl Charity Auction photocall.

Sophie arrives at the Tag Heuer Strength & Beauty "do", London, 2007.

Sophie at the Temperley London Fall 2007 fashion show in New York, again, 2007.

16th November 2006 - Soph at the CFDA awards.

With Herb Ritts at the 1999 Pirelli Calendar launch, V&A, London, 1999.

Sophie looks rather stylish as she attends a Zac Posen catwalk show, Feb' 2005.