You have found Sophie Dahl Rocks!

As the name suggests, this site is devoted to the coolest Supermodel/Actress/Novelist/Cookery Cutie alive today - and is even semi-endorsed by the woman herself.

The site has existed, in various styles, since 2003, and you are viewing what is more or less the third/fourth variant of the site. Originally built using a website builder program provided by Wanadoo/Freeserve, the buying out of these sites by Orange, who then offered a "payment" based website service has resulted in me rebuilding the site using Blogger to avoid it running at a severe loss - this means that you will sometimes see dates on screen, or in the menu pages, but it simply means that's when the pages were uploaded, and usually no more! But, crucially, it works well.

Pretty much anything and everything you wanted to know about Sophie is here somewhere - and the site is always expanding. When it was launched, the only Sophie sites that were running seemed to concentrate purely on magazine scans, so this site was launched to try and list the magazines, movies, books and everything else that had a Sophie involvement. Furthermore, it seems to be the only fan site on the net devoted to Sophie that is still up and running and being updated whenever it needs to be.

You are currently on the home page of the main part of the site, which is home to the "Sophie-ography". It appears in five parts, differentiated by the years these pages were uploaded - effectively, stuff from 1996 to 2010, the point at which Sophie more or less retired from full time modelling, 2011 onwards until March 2012, and three sections covering April 2012 and beyond. You will see at the top right of the screen if you scroll back up, a Contents Page (and possibly, dependent on where you have "arrived" from, at the bottom of the page as well!), which you can use to navigate the site, helping you see where to find all the details about the books, magazines, movies, music videos, and much more from both the "modelling" years and the "novel writing and cookery" days. If at any point you are somewhere on the site, and want to find any of the 'other bits', click on any of the years shown or click "2015" to bring you back here.

For a real view of just how much info is here, if your browser allows you, click on the arrow next to the "2008" button, then when it appears, click the arrow next to the "July" button, then click the arrow next to the "2011" button, then when it appears, click the arrow next to the "April" button, and so on - and that will show you all of the Sophie-ography pages in one go. Depending on what mood Blogger is in, you may find that you will have to do this after clicking on a specific year, so if you are expecting a menu and don't see one, click on the arrow next to the year and then the month to get the list up on screen. The Diary Pages are also similarly afflicted!

There is also a news page, found by clicking here:

That's not all. Details of Sophie's Ad Campaigns and Magazine Covers have their own microsites, and can be found by clicking on the "2009" button. From this page, you can also access "The Diary Pages", an in-depth account of Sophie's Red Carpet activities, with photos of virtually every known Sophie "event" since 96.

Remember, this is a fan site, so it may not be 100% accurate and 100% complete - even the news pages will sometimes be a bit "behind", but I will do my best to add news when it happens as well as updating the remainder of the site as and when. Many of the pictures used are believed to be in the public domain, but for any that might not, there are links throughout all the site to websites that contain the original photos (and more). Big thanks to Caroline Black and Ross Hardy, who have both been instrumental in helping with chunks of this site.

Don't forget to check out Sophie's official site at: www.sophiedahl.com
Also have a look at her BBC Recipes page at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/chefs/sophie_dahl
And her Twitter page at: http://twitter.com/sophiedahl

Any comments, you can email me at jason45104@gmail.com, or to email me via a simple click of the mouse, there is a website hyperlink you can use on the "Microsites" page, found by clicking the "2009" button.


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