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Feature: Sophie's Charitable Activities

Sophie has been involved in a variety of charity events since she started modelling, using her star status to help make an impact as regards to fund raising events. The image above, from 2011, shows Sophie modelling one of the TK Maxx/Vivienne Westwood/Comic Relief t-shirts for Red Nose Day.

In more recent years, Sophie's Catwalk work has become rarer - you are more likely to see her on the runway for charity, rather than for regular work. The picture above is Sophie on the catwalk in Dublin in 2002 - a charity fashion show which saw Supermodels and Tennis Stars share the limelight (the likes of Anna Kounikova were there for the start of the Collins Cup the following day). The show was in aid of the Chernobyl Childrens Project. The picture of Sophie in a field is from 1999, with Ms Dahl modelling a Hugo Boss designed dress sponsored by the McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team. An auction selling a limited number of these dresses took place that July. The bottom right picture shows Sophie modelling at a Unicef Fashion Show back in 1997.

Less strenuous charity work can come in the form of turning up for a charity film premiere or a charity gig - the picture below on this page is from Somerset House in London in 2002, where Sophie attended a charity concert by Sir Elton John - each guest paid an undisclosed sum in order to gain entry to the show. The show was in aid of the Absolute Return For Kids charity.

In 1999, she donated a set of 'Kiss Prints' to charity during National Breast Cancer Awareness month - a piece of A4 card with Sophie's lipstick marks on the card along with a signature through the middle of the 'decoration'. In 2003, she also designed a Teddy Bear sized T shirt for auction by the New Life Foundation - the shirt featured her signature across the middle of the shirt. Your webmaster owns both - and images can be seen below.

The above images are of Sophie's RSPCA funding charity T-shirt design from 2005, and the "one off" Anya Hindmarch charity bag - chances are if you are reading this, you probably don't own it! And whilst the image below may seem like a gratuitous FHM style picture, this photocall was in connection with a Breast Cancer fund raising initiative in 1997.

The picture above dates from late 2007, which saw Sophie involved in the "Dogmob" scheme where dog lovers could donate towards the Battersea Dogs Home and in return get wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones downloaded to their phone. And below is the original Xmas wrapping paper design Sophie did for the Katine fundraising project - where celebrities designed Christmas wrapping paper that was given free with "The Guardian Newspaper" in November/December 2008.

Sophie was also offered as a "date" at an auction at Woody's in West London in 2002 (with Mick Jagger the rumoured winner) - the price for an evening with Englands finest? £5000....

Feature: Memorabilia

As with any celebrity, there is a seemingly endless supply of Sophie memorabilia available. Elsewhere on this site, you can read (and see) details of magazines, DVDs and plenty more. On this page are details (and pictures) of some of the odder items. Exactly how many of these Ms Dahl is actually aware is open to question! Above, the H&M "Christmas" fold out poster advert that was tucked inside some UK glossy magazines several years ago.

Whilst many of Sophie's exhibition appearances tend to be, in the main, low-key, the 2002 Mario Testino exhibition was high profile enough to have it's own free guide given away at the event, detailing which pictures were where in the gallery (see above). There's no picture of Soph inside (you had to buy the £25+ book for that), but her name features.
There was a programme available for Sophie's run in the Vagina Monologues in London in 2001 - the basic programme featured a picture of the cast for the 14th February 1999 one-off special, including Sophie, whilst the programme carried an additional insert with the then-current cast. For Sophie's run, this insert also features another Sophie picture. Later editions of the programme issued once Sophie had finished her run included pictures of ex-cast members - as such, a picture of Sophie features in these. After the run at The Arts Theatre, the play later moved across London. A fold-out flyer advertising this run features pictures of previous participants - so Sophie is also inside this item.

Of course, depending on "high profile" certain events are, tickets for Sophie related events exist. Don't get your hopes up that any might have her picture on (or even her name) but they are nice items to have. Above is a ticket for the "15 Minutes" exhibition in London.

If you are lucky, you may get the odd chance to own some fairly unique items. Your webmaster owns the above, a pair of Sophie's old boots signed by the woman herself!

Glossy pictures are also available for sale. The one above shows Sophie at the "Goddess" gala in 2003. There are 5 or 6 'Paparazzi' pictures that can be found all over the net, including Amazon and Movie Market ( ). The Daily Mirror website ( ), also has a selection of older pictures for sale - the photos are alledged to have all been printed in the UK newspaper "The Mirror", although this is questionable. In addition, glossy pictures are floating around thanks to other Photo Agencies like Associated Press or UK Press, whilst the Don Features website ( ) also has Sophie pictures to view or buy. This website is run by "Hello" magazine's photographer, Dominic O'Neill and as such, only a selection of photos from mainly London-based events can be found here. In the past, The Sun and The Times newspaper websites offered picture sales from their sites, where a handful of Sophie pictures could be ordered as basic glossies, mousemats, mugs or even place mats! As ever, these websites are subject to change so some items (and indeed the websites themselves) may not be available as you read this.

Some of Sophie's more high profile ad campaigns have resulted in various collectible items, and her "Accessorize" and "Monsoon" campaigns generated several oddities - postcards, gift voucher cards, and carrier bags - various sizes exist with various pictures, and one is pictured above.
Sophie was also featured in the industry-only Elite Modelling Agency filofax from 2002 - the picture inside had featured in the 22nd March 2001 edition of "D" magazine, and hardcore collectors may need two versions - one which had several pages of other models duplicated, and the one which (apparently) didn't! Sophie's photo is unaffected in either version you will be pleased to know.
Sophie's Grattan Catalogue cover appearance in late 2003 also spawned some collectibles - the catalogue was sent to previous Grattans customers during December 2003, but wasn't available to order from their website until January 2004. People who ordered the catalogue also recieved an order form in a separate envelope - the envelope also included various other inserts, and several of these items featured a reprint of the cover shot - including an 'un-cropped' version of the picture. Unless you ordered something from the catalogue, you were supposed to return it to Grattan - but I guess there was nothing stopping people not returning it by 'forgetting where they had put it...'. Anybody who did order something received paperwork to confirm their order, complete with images of the catalogues' cover on much of the paraphernalia.

And what on earth is this? Well, it's a dressing table designed by Sophie for Habitat's 2007 "Very Important Products" childrens range - not a one off, but still worthy of mention!

Feature: Imitation Of Christ

When people think of fashion shows, they obviously think of models walking up and down a catwalk. Imitation Of Christ are designers for whom this is not the case.

The brainchild of Matthew Darnhave & Tara Subkoff, with actress Chloe Sevigny acting as creative director, Sophie has modelled for IOC on three occasions. Yet none of the shows were conventional catwalk shows, but were regarded to be more like 'performance art'.

For the Spring 2002 show, the models and journalists swapped places - Sophie and Co sat where the journalists and guests would normally be at the sides of the catwalk runway, and the journalists had to file past the models, rather than vice versa.

For the Fall 2002, the show was held at Sotheby's and the show was presented as if it was a genuine auction. A rotating stage displayed several models at a time who stood motionless whilst a description of the outfits was read out over the loudspeaker, before the stage turned to reveal the next set of models. The exception was the final designs, where the models appeared on the side of the room. Each guest was also given an Auction House style book listing each of the garments.

For the Spring 2003 show, the show was split into two - topless models pushing vacuum cleaners appeared on one floor, Sophie and the rest appearing on another. Chaos subsequently ensued, and such was the set up of the show, that photographs of some of the models were impossible to obtain. Sophie pictures from this event are very few and far between.

It remains to be seen if Sophie will model for IOC again - she did no catwalk shows for the New York autumn/winter 2003 collections, having reduced her catwalk work since 2002 to spend more time on acting and writing.

Sophie Links

There are plenty of other sites on the net where Sophie can be found. As with other links scattered around this site, all links were "working" when added to this page, but if some seem to have become defunct, well, that's the (non) power of the internet for you. Pick a link, click, and hope for the best...

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A quick Sophie Bio

Sophie Dahl was born (as Sophie Holloway) in London on September 15th 1977, although numerous articles about her list her year of birth as 1979 by accident. Her father is the actor Julian Holloway, her mother is Tessa Dahl and her grandfather, the childrens author Roald Dahl. The character Sophie, in his book "The BFG" is based on her. She is the granddaughter of actor Stanley Holloway, and her grandmother is Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal. Having initially settled in London once her modelling career took off, Sophie moved to New York several years ago, before returning to the UK, having always had a soft spot for London - her favourite hotel is Claridges.

If you have read any article on Sophie, you will be well aware of her being "discovered" crying on a London street by fashion designer Isabella Blow. Sophie signed to Storm Models in the UK, and set off on a modelling career. It was not Sophie's first brush with fame - she had appeared on Childrens TV when she was a youngster, along with Roald Dahl, who was being interviewed about his childrens books. Sophie's early catwalk duties were in London, where she was based, but from the very beginning, she was featured in magazines in Germany and Italy, and within a few years, had started to appear in magazine shoots worldwide.

Within a year or two of "becoming famous", Sophie was already beginning to diversify - the picture above right sees Sophie in character as Goldilocks for a stage play in 1997. In 1999, she made her big screen debut in "Mad Cows", having already appeared in several music videos during 1997 and 1998.

Sophie made waves in the modelling world by being one of the few "plus size" models both in fashion mags and on the catwalk, but this led to her being typecast as "Sophie Dahl, the fat model". When she lost weight, this led to cries of "sell out" from the fickle factions of the press, yet it allowed her to continue to diversify in the work she was being offered. Sophie later stated that her weight loss was through simply losing "puppy fat", and a second bout of attacks from the media followed a trip to India where she simply lost weight after catching a virus.

As her fame stretched worldwide, she relocated to the USA and she appeared in arguably the most famous and controversial ad campaign of all time, for Opium. A famous image of her reclining, nude, on a velvet drape was later voted one of the most "banned" adverts of all time, with reports of cars crashing as the drivers were distracted by the iconic image! Despite being "banned" from public displays, the advert appeared regularly in fashion magazines, making it her most memorable fashion shoot.

With writing quite obviously in her blood, Sophie decided to head down this avenue in 2002, and released her first novella, "The Man With The Dancing Eyes", in 2003. Her second book, a full length novel called "Playing With The Grown Ups", surfaced in 2007. By this point, she had filmed what to date remains her last movie, the rarely seen "Little Fugtive". Sophie later admitted she wasn't suited to being an actress, and decided that writing would now be her forte.

In recent years, Sophie has re-located back to the UK, and "semi retired" from modelling, although her links to fashion remain, with the likes of "Vogue" putting her on the cover when her second book was released. Her third book, in 2009, interestingly, saw her further her career in another direction - "Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights" was a cook book, and saw Sophie starting a new phase in her career as a taller Nigella Lawson! Despite the various attacks on her weight loss throughout the years, Sophie had in fact been a keen cook all her life, and the book listed her favourite recipes.

In 2010, to more or less coincide with the book, Sophie landed her own six part TV show on the BBC - "The Delicious Miss Dahl". It was filmed the previous year, and by the time it was broadcast, Miss Dahl had become Mrs Cullum - having married Jazz musician Jamie Cullum at the end of 2009. The couple had met at a charity event in March 2007, and although their wedding was not announced until January 2010, the couple had married in secret the previous December.

Sophie's novel writing did for a while go on hold, with a second cookbook being the next release in 2011, and another BBC show, this time a one-off about Mrs Beeton. But whilst the modelling days seem to be over, Sophie's book-life continues, and she announced a return to "novel" writing in late 2011. Sophie has continued to contribute non-food related articles to newspapers and magazines, having had a fragrance column in the UK edition of "Vogue" in recent times.

Sophie's Book Tour, 2007

After plans to do a 'book tour' for "Dancing Eyes" ended up with Sophie mostly conducting interviews and book signings, the tour for "Grown Ups" involved a series of discussions in addition to the above. The picture below is from a book signing in Dublin, midway through the tour.
On October 14th 2007, Sophie appeared at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, eight days before the book was officially released. The picture at the top of this page is of Sophie just after arriving at the event, taken at the same time that she told your webmaster how good this very website was.
The talk, with Esther Freud, consisted of the pair being asked questions about their new books by a 'compere', on the basis that both books had a similar theme. Sophie also read a passage from the book, and after 45 or so minutes of chat, the pair fielded questions from the audience. The only revelation I can remember is Sophie revealed at this point that she doesn't keep a diary!
After the talk was over, the pair retreated to a "signing area", where they had to contend with the rather popular Griff Rhys Jones doing a signing on an adjacent table, with both of Sophie's books available for purchase and signing. Nonetheless, a reasonable crowd turned out for our belle, whilst Jamie Cullum uncomfortably wandered around waiting for it all to end....

The next of Sophie's "on stage" appearances on the 2007 book tour was at the "Beyond Words" literature festival, held at the main campus (of three) of the University College School, in Hampstead, North London. The picture above shows Sophie before showtime just outside the hall where the festival was being held. As your webmaster approached, I was greeted with a "Hello Jason" - I was shocked that Sophie remembered me! One of those "once in a lifetime" moments...
Sophie had attended a school nearby, which may have been the reason she agreed to do this festival. In reality, it was a local festival, most people who attended the five day's worth of events were expected to be students and friends of the school. There were events throughout the day, but the evening events required a £10 entrance fee, donated to charity. Free wine and water was provided however! Sophie's appearance was the opening night. The event was billed as "Sophie Dahl and Justine Picardie in conversation", and like the Esther Freud event, both had new books out - in theory. However, Justine's book had been put back in the release schedules, so it became more of an interview, with Justine talking to Sophie about her book, with Sophie reading two passages from it during the course of the evening.

After 45 or so minutes, the audience were invited to ask questions. At first, it seemed that nobody was brave enough to speak, and Justine and Sophie were prepared to keep talking, but the questions soon came thick and fast, and eventually covered fashion, as well as the book. Sophie revealed she was not a fan of the weekly glossy mags such as "Grazia" and elaborated on her "no diary" shocker at Cheltenham by admitting that in her youth, she used to keep a diary consisting of other people's events! The talk, including questions, ended after an hour and a half, and as Sophie waltzed across the room to sign books for the crowd, I had recovered to ask her about whether or not she had appeared at the 2003 Fashion Rocks event, as she was rumoured to be appearing in the days leading up to the event, and a lookalike with black hair (or wig) did model for Matthew Williamson at the event. She never did attend, she confirmed before cheerily saying goodbye and heading off to meet her audience.
The book tour, technically, continued for many more months - involving TV interviews, the odd Xmas lights switch-on (the picture above is from one such event in Bond Street), and with the release of the the book in North America in 2008, more talks and signings (details are sketchy - my apologies) across the pond took place.