Sophie-ography Home Page 4!

And so, as the title suggests, the fourth chunk of the Sophie-ography - bits of pieces from after the "original" modelling years, but also, bits and pieces from during it as well!

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The Gallery 4

And even more photos from the last 16 or so years! Plus some more odds and sods from around the globe.

Portrait shot from late noughties/early 2010's.
Christian Louboutin Private Dinner Party, London, April 2012.
Some images of Sophie books translated into Danish now. This is "From Season To Season".
"Voluptuous Delights".
And "Playing With The Grown Ups".
Another old skool classic, the 1997 Nina Saunders "Human Art" event. This image, if you so wish, can be bought as a mouse mat, T-shirt or even a jigsaw from various online sources.
"Voluptuous Delights" promo photo.
At the "Topshop Launches Christmas Range" dinner do, London, 16.10.07.
At some sort of fashion show, circa 1998.
Another classic from the "Brunette" years, 1999-ish.
With T-P-T, late 90's/early 00's.
OK, it's probably somewhere else on this site, or at least a similar image is, but couldn't resist showing this famous Feb 97 LFW shot.
Another one from the "Observer Magazine" shoot, mid 1997.
"Little Fugitive" 'mermaid' shot.
A slightly odd newspaper looking, thin-ish, softback book from 2000 (also reprinted in 2004) called "Read All About It! Fashion", featuring a couple of archive Sophie shots, including one of 97 vintage on the front (ISBN 0-7496-5677-8).
Bit small, but rare enough to show - at a party with Ant & Dec, 1997.
Look closely, and you can see a glowing recommendation from Miss Dahl on the cover of this book, "You And Your Bump".
2013, and Sophie appears on the front of this Brora catalogue, as part of her "Lost Weekend" collection.
Already referred to in the magazine covers pages, but this is the US export edition of Sophie's "Tatler" cover from 2000.
Sophie at the Fendi bash, 3.11.2005.
An eBay sale, a Sophie autograph where she got no further than the first four letters before giving up! I think this was signed at the Arts Theatre in '01, during the "Vagina Monologues" stint.
Pre-BAFTA's party, 2012.
Sophie does Parky, 2007.
Sophie's other "Barely There" image, 2002.
Sophie gets her own "section" in this book, 2010's "21st Century Lives - Celebrity Chefs". She also gets a brief mention in a sister book from 2008, "21st Century Lives - Supermodels".
American Elle, September 2001.
From the Spanish edition of "Glamour", July 2012.
Romanian "Grown Ups".
Not sure quite when this appeared, so it's here instead of in the Mag-ography pages. Sophie features in issue 3 of "Homemaker".
The Sophie-designed Sky+ box, fall 2013.
Sophie vamps it up at the 2013 GQ awards, London.
Dutch "From Season To Season".
V Magazine, Spring 2000.
A few weeks after the Sky+ box was announced, the same "Love" design was spotted on some items on eBay. There was a mug and this iPad cover.
Sophie at the 1997 London premiere of "Conspiracy Theory".
Sophie at LA Airport, 2007.
This is some sort of Polish magazine called "ABC English" from the noughties, issue 74, which was used to teach Polish people how to speak English. This issue seems to be one devoted to achieving this by learning about Supermodels!
"The Peacemaker" premiere, London, 1997.
Sophie at the Members Bar opening at the Titanic Restaurant, London, 7/12/98.
Zac Posen party, NYC, 11/9/04.
Halloween 2013.
Sophie at the Independent Spirit Awards, 25th March 2000.
Sophie's appearance at the "How To Lose Friends...." book launch party is briefly featured in this mag, "GQ" from Jan 2002. Both standard UK and export "British GQ" editions are available.
Soph at the Prince gig at Ronnie Scott's, 2014.
Episode 5 of the 2013 "Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Year" saw the finalists travel to Paris to paint Mrs Goddess. Check out for video action, from which this still is taken.
Sophie recipes appear in this US magazine, Glamour from May 2010.
Sophie on the catwalk in Dublin, 2002.
Dahl, Moss and Weisz at the Versace Woman Party, Attica, London, 19.2.01
Elle Style Awards, 1998.
Another magazine not documented elsewhere on this site - Sophie is in this copy of "Deutsch Vogue" from March 2008.
Brits afterparty, '14.
Scandinavian (Blu-Ray) edition of "Stories Of Lost Souls".
"Women Of The Year" party, late 2011.
Although there was an official first edition of "Grown Ups", a number of 'second' first editions exist that were pre-signed, but did not come in the outer cover, but did come emblazoned with some sort of "first edition" legend. This is a Topping & Co version.
A slightly random choice - but a rare photo of Sophie once/still to be found on the Percy And Reed website.
Portuguese "Dancing Eyes".
The May 1997 edition of "Tatler" featured both an article on Sophie and this picture of her in their 'party guests' feature. This is Miss Dahl at the Martini Party held by Mia Fenwick, Sophie Fletcher and Maxine Schofield at St Peter's Church in Kennington, South London.
As mentioned elsewhere on this site, Sophie contributed an introduction to a reissue of the book "Don't Tell Alfred" in 2010. Here is the revamped cover of the November 2015 reissue.
Sophie in New York City, 2005.
Another US magazine featuring Sophie, "Elle" from December 2000.
Screen grab of a video of Sophie at the "Hercules" film premiere, London, 1997. I was there!
Sophie is in this edition of the slightly surreal "nearly top shelf, but not quite" Aussie 'Celebrity' magazine, "People", 6th January 2003.
A 1997 photo of total awesomeness.